Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to Fix Jadoo Tv 3 (USB B type Charger) Version 2 Power Port with Pictures

Hello guys, if you have come to this post chances are that your Jadoo TV has a broken charger connector . I will be showing you how to repair Jadoo TV 3 IPTV. Please keep in mind that there are two versions of Jadoo TV 3 . The first one that came out in the beginning was the one with the regular round charger . The second version is the one that has the USB type B charger port similar to the one shown in the picture below . 
USB  Type B Connector (male)

Tools needed:

Before you get started , you will need the following tools . A soldering iron, some soldering wire , a cutter , a flat head screw driver , and a Philip head screw driver . 

Step 1:

     Make sure that Jadoo TV is unplugged from any other wires such as the HDMI , and the Ethernet cable or the wireless antenna . Flip the Jadoo box over and right where the warranty seal is there is a dip underneath it . Put a flat head screwdriver or cutter and pop it open . See picture below .
Use Flat head screw driver or cutter to pop open the base
Base and Box separate from each other

Step 2:

     Unscrew the two Philip head screws on the board as shown below . The board will come off now . Take out the charger port that has been broken . There is a sport where the port was originally soldered , and right under that there are 5 slots like connections as see in picture . 

Locate the 2 black Philip head screws on the board

Step  3:

     Take the charger that came with the Jadoo Tv 3 and cut off the B type connector from the wire . The wire will expose two wires one is black and one is red . The red one is positive 5v and the black one is the ground cable . Strip both cables about 2mm in length . 
Red Wire 5V positive , Black Wire Ground

Step 4:

        There  are 5 total slot like  connectors on the board where the  female USB connector was connected . Please see picture . The first one from the left is the positive connector, and the last one 
5 wires total 
is the negative or ground . So , you will connect the 5V red wire on to the left most connector , and the ground wire black to the right most connector . This is a very tedious process as the connections are very small , and special handling is needed to connect them. Just make sure that the wire does not connect to the other wires next to it . It will need a small tap of the soldering iron and it should be connected . Also , please make sure that the soldering iron does not touch the connectors more than a few seconds as it can damage the circuit board . Once again be very careful in this step . the final picture should look like this .

The wires are connected as described , but be very careful as the connection is very frail and even a small amount of  force can take off the wires and even break the delicate circuit.  Once the connector is connected , plug the wire and check to see if the LEDs turn on .This is an indication that the Box is working . 
As mentioned before that the connection is frail ,to counter that , I suggest that you make a knot in the wire like this 
Add a Knot to the wire to prevent it from breaking off the circuit
This knot will be inside the box as it will prevent the wire from coming out of the box . You will need to make a hole on one side of the box and take the wire out from that hole. 
Hope this tutorial will be helpful for you and if you have any comments , questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a message . I will do my best to answer it . And finally I would like to show you that it is working . 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Watch Maan Mayal Hum Tv drama Episode 1 online

Maan-Mayal HUM tv drama Episode 1

Mann Mayal is a Pakistani television drama serial, that premiered on Hum TV on January 25, 2016. The story of serial is told in a heavily serialized manner and it follows the lives of Manahil

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jadoo TV 3 Box review

It seems like Jadoo TV has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years . When I purchased the first Jadoo TV back in 2007  it was very sluggish and I had to reboot the box several times to get it to work. I would also like to mention that I have Verizon FIOS at that time which was the fastest internet connection that I could get . But , today I own Jadoo TV 3 box and I am very impressed with it . There are several reasons for that and I will mention all of them in this post .
     The first and the most important reason for me to like the Jadoo TV 3 box is that it is very stylish and is slightly bigger and a bit heavier than the Jadoo TV 1 and 2 . It has a steel body and feels like a real HD box that can withstand the pressure from all the wires connected with it .

     The second reason is that it is truly a high definition box , because it has an HDMI output at the back of the box . In the past Jadoo TV has claimed to be HD , but to be honest I was not impressed with the picture quality until now.  The output is truly 1080p because my HD TV has no problems displaying the picture. Even if you do not have the HDMI connections in your TV set , there is no need to worry as the box provides the analog  video and audio outputs.

   Just like the older versions of Jadoo Tv , this one also has the ability to connect to the Internet via a Ethernet hardwired connection , or a USB wireless connection . So the user has a choice to pick either one . I personally recommend the hard wire Ethernet connection as it is more stable and it will produce the best speed .

   Jadoo TV software has introduced a few new things in the newer box and it is Jadoo Live , myJadoo , and Jadoo Flix . The interface is very user friendly and you can easily toggle around with the remote control . The display is very impressive as it not only displays the options , but also tells you about the current time , date and the weather conditions in your area. The categories are very well organized and  the best of all , most of the channels are streamed . The newer feature that Jadoo 3 box that I really like is that you can download third party apps on your box now and play your favorite content , this will give you option to download Netflix , facebook , youtube and much more .

    The new remote control is also very useful as it has many short cut keys on it . It is bigger than the older ones and also has the glowing LED buttons that can be used in dark . You can take a look at the new remote control here Jadoo TV Remote.

   In short , the new Jadoo TV is a great HD box and I personally recommend it to everyone . At the time of this post the price of Jadoo TV 3 is $199 with free shipping . There is still a lot of room for improvement , I would love my Jadoo box to be able to record a specific program , and to be able to toggle between channels at a faster rate . Hopefully in Jadoo Box 4 we can enjoy all these features and much more . Be sure to post your thoughts about the Jadoo 3 box here .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

JADOO TV is it worth the Price?

I wanted to watch IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket this year that is 2009 . But it is quite expensive to buy the channel that shows cricket , specially if you live in USA and Canada . A friend of mine actually told me about the new TV box that i can purchase online .
Jadoo TV that is . The idea behind this box is that you plug a Ethernet cable ( DSL cable from your Router) behind it , then connect the audio video cable supplied with it to your TV , turn the Box on and start watching your favorite channels on your TV. Don't worry if your router is far away from the TV . This package also contains a wireless USB adapter that will connect your Jadoo TV box to the Internet wireless , but you have to have a wireless router.
The remote control that is supplied with it is tiny , but still big enough for you to see what you are pressing. Over all the good invention , made in china after all , but what thing isn't ? . The price however , is a little bit too much for the quality. Currently going for $199.00 + Tax Plus shipping charges will get you the box for $225.00 . Now if I only want to see IPL , then that is a lot of price for that , because i can get IPL for the same price on TV for a whole year . The quality is much better on regular Dish or Direct TV and i can record it on Tivo or similar device.
If you are looking to see other channels like Geo news , Geo Tv and all other Indian and Pakistani channels then the box is worth the price. Again if you don't mind the low quality picture and sometimes delay in transmission , this box is perfect for you.
Upon searching on google , I found out that this Box is similar to the one already used by a different source . This box is identical to Jadoo Tv but the only difference is the software that is installed in it , which only lets you see the American channels.
There is just one more thing to it, the availability of the channels is not guaranteed , you might have it one day and the next day it might not be available. Since this Box brings only the streaming channels from the web , the service is not very reliable. They do give you 3 months warranty on the equipment.
So cutting it short , it is not the best investment , where there is no guarantee on the return. Be sure to leave a comment if you like and more information about any related product.

added : 04/24/2010

Jadoo Tv has a new Digital  HD Box , which is going for  $250.00 on their website . This new Box has a much better quality , has many new channels ,  and  has a high resolution. One thing that is not good is that the resolution is only 480i , So , if you have a new flat screen TV then  you will have to adjust the size or even  zoom in to fit the screen . you can get one at  .

added: 11/02/2010

From Jadoo TV site :


JadooTV™ launches Jadoo2™ - its second generation of IPTV set-top box with 1080p resolution and 11n wireless connectivity.

After two years of very successful IPTV product JadooBox, JadooTV has launched its second generation of IPTV set-top box with 1080p resolution and 11n wireless connectivity. 1080p is the highest resolution available to consumers today in devices like flat panel TVs, Blu-Ray DVD players and game consoles. Now they can stream same high quality content from internet - based on availability and within home network. Three different ways of content playback is supported using wired network, wireless network using 11n technology or USB Flash/HDD.

JadooTV has accomplished this incredible feat using the H.264 video compression codec (you know, the same one that Apple announced as being the core of their high-definition QuickTime 7 format). One of the key features of Jadoo2 is the wireless 11n USB dongle. The increased range of Wireless 11n eliminates "dead spots" better known as buffering issues in homes served by Wi-Fi router communicating with Jadoo2™ box over the network. It also opens the way to high-bandwidth applications such as streaming video from your home network or external hard drive. This standard is also more reliable for multiple users doing multiple things over the network.

Benefits of Jadoo2™

Watch HD content - View Personal Media (Videos / Music / Pictures) from your home networked PC. View content in high quality - up to 1080p (Full HD).

Experience YouTube™ like never before - Watch millions of videos and customized content tailored to your demand including TV episodes, Dramas, Shows, Music, Cartoons, Sports and much more.

View Live TV - Watch live TV content from around the world. Navigation is easy with jadoo2 user interface allowing users to browse through different languages and content quickly.

MyJadoo™ - Personalize Live TV.

Benefits of 11nHigher speeds for streaming HD content. 802.11n equipment typically delivers more than twice the speed of 802.11g equipment, at any given throughput speed)

Longer range transmitting better Wi-Fi signal between your router and jadoo2 box. 802.11n equipment typically delivers more than twice the range of 802.11g equipment, at any given throughput speed.

Better performance for streaming media (necessary to view high quality content on Jadoo2™ - Full HD – 1080p box)


Access Internet video content via broadband Internet connection directly on your TV.

Have wired or wireless N Internet connectivity.

Watch YouTube™ videos by categories.

Share media contents from a computer using Windows Media Player (WMP).

Play personal content like music, videos, and photos stored on any PC on the Local Area Network (LAN) connection.

Use a USB memory for storage to download rented movies from Hollywood to Bollywood.

Play personal content in HD directly from the USB memory.

Bookmark a library of your favorite videos.


TV Standard: NTSC/PAL

Video Resolution: 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Video Interface: HDMI, Analog RCA video/stereo audio

Network Interface: 10/100BASE-T Ethernet

Optical Interface: SPDIF

USB Ports: 3 X USB 2.0 Ports for WiFi and Flash/HDD

Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS